Loyalty Program


  1. Abbott Share & Care World (ASCW) is a loyalty program for customers. Customer who registers as a member should be 18 years of age and above.
  2. As a member of ASCW, member is subject to the Terms and Conditions of this program. The redemption program allows members to accumulate CarePoints from selected Abbott products only.
  3. By registering as a member, you are deemed to have has read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the redemption program and have given consent to Abbott in processing customer’s personal data and disclosure to third party who is providing services to Abbott for the purpose of this program. Abbott has the discretion to amend the loyalty program rules and offerings.
  4. One member will have one membership and no transfer of CarePoints or sharing and polling of CarePoints with another member is allowed.
  5. Abbott reserves the right to amend/terminate the program with/without prior notice. Abbott shall communicate to members in one or more of the following manner i.e. phone call, SMS, email, letter or WhatsApp.
  6. The reward point namely CarePoints can be accumulated by scanning CRM QR code on the participating Abbott product(s) or by submission of Abbott products’ scoop handle.
  7. Abbott participating products in this loyalty program are Similac Mom, Similac Gain Plus Gold, Similac Gain Kid Gold, Pediasure, Isomil Plus, Similac Total Comfort, Similac Intelli-Pro, Ensure Gold & Glucerna. Participating products may change from time to time at the discretion of Abbott.
  8. CRM QR code points can only be scanned once and captured upon successful scan. Successful scan’s CarePoints may be updated in member’s account within 48 hours.
  9. The total number of scans you can make per month is limited to the worth of product weight per month. Each brand has a maximum monthly weight as per table below:
    Pediasure 5kg
    Ensure 4kg
    Similac Gold (GP/GK) 3kg
    Similac Intelli-Pro 4kg
    Similac Mom 3kg
  10. Abbott reserves the right to change/amend CarePoints tagged to CRM QR code without prior notice.
  11. Submission of scoop handles of Abbott products must be accompanied with valid redemption form and be sent via registered mail to the designated redemption centre below. Customer is advised to keep the registered mail number as reference at all times for any enquiries. Submission by hand/ drop off / walk in to the processing centre will not be accepted / entertained.
  12. Abbott Share & Care World Redemption c/o The One Loyalty Marketing Sdn Bhd Block D-61-2, Jaya One, 72A, Jalan University Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
  13. All redemptions will be delivered to members’ delivery address. PO Box address is NOT allowed. For redemption of digital gift card / e voucher / voucher code that delivered by email, it will be deemed delivered once they are successfully delivered via the email address and contact information provided by the customer. Abbott will not be responsible for any wrong delivery if the email address information provided by customer is incorrect.
  14. Redemption with incomplete data and / or without correct contact number and / or email address and / or correct number of scoops will not be processed.
  15. This is the official redemption form of ASCW Redemption Catalogue 2021/2022. No amendments / changes are allowed and submission of such form will be disqualified.
  16. All redemption submitted by members cannot be exchanged, cancelled or returned. - Members are advised to submit your own redemption as redemption submitted by outlet will not be entertained.
  17. Digital gift card / e voucher / voucher code is applicable for one (1) time use/redemption and for one (1) transaction only. Their usage is subject to the issuer’s /provider’s Terms and Conditions. They cannot be combined or accumulated.
  18. All redemption items delivered do not include accessories and batteries, unless specified in the catalogue.
  19. All redemption items which has a choice of colour will be delivered on random basis, unless specified in the catalogue.
  20. Delivery of redemption item will take up to 4 working weeks from the date a completed redemption form together with scoops are duly received/QR code scanned and processed by the fulfilment vendor. It will also be subjected to stock availability.
  21. Un-utilized CarePoints kept in account will expire after 2 years.
  22. Members are advised to examine the redemption items upon receipt. Should you find the good(s) received are faulty, damaged, and / or defective, you are advised to contact our ASCW Customer Careline at 1800-88-6233 ( Mon to Fri, 9am – 6pm) within 24 hours from date of receipt to lodge a report AND to return the good(s) immediately in the original packaging within 1 week to the redemption center at members’ own cost.
  23. All redemption items are subject to availability.
  24. Abbott reserves the right to discontinue any participating Abbott products and / or any redemption item and substitute it with a similar item of equal value for redemption at any time without prior notice.
  25. Abbott reserves the right to reject any redemption or request for proof of purchase to validate the authenticity of the scoop handles if Abbott has any reason to suspect the Carepoints were fraudulently accumulated by members or wrongly recorded.
  26. Each ASCW member may redeem up to maximum of 1200 CarePoints worth of redemption items in one year