Powerful Truths About Muscle Strength You Didn't Know

Powerful Truths About Muscle Strength You Didn't Know


A lot of us take our muscles for granted. Yet, there’s really nothing we can accomplish without healthy, functioning moving parts. Discover insights that will change your view of what your body is capable of.

Your Muscles are Your Way of Life

Little Jim runs towards your arms and reaches out. You bend over to pick him up with a big smile on your face. All of a sudden, a bolt of pain shoots through your back and spreads to your arms.

With both eyebrows raised, your entire body freezes as you let out a gasp.

Your right hand massages your sore back as you try to find a seat.

‘I’ve been waiting so long to see my grandkid and this happens!’ you tell yourself frustratingly

You pick up the phone to call a physiotherapist so you can find out what’s going on.

Little Jim gets bored and runs off to watch TV. There’s no way you’re letting your body get in the way of enjoying time with your family.

How Well Do You Know Your Strength

You don’t need to be as gifted as an Olympic athlete in order to keep your body at its best.

What’s truly important is taking measures everyday to remain physically active.

Here are some fascinating facts about your muscles (that you probably didn’t know).

  • Light resistance training can lead to an increase of 50% muscle strength for an adult over the age of 65.1
    A study on machine-based resistance training has found significant physical benefits for those aged over 65.2 There’s also the bonus of decreasing the risk of disease in later life.
  • Muscles grow while you sleep.3
    When we’re in deep sleep mode, all the muscles that we put to work can relax and blood flow to the muscles increase. Certain hormones are also released during sleep that contribute to the repair and restoration of tissues, which is crucial for new muscle formation.
  • Every decade from the age of 40, we lose up to 8% of the muscle mass we naturally carry.
    By the age of 40, most men and women start losing muscle mass progressively. As a result, what can happen is we experience lower muscle strength, weaker bones, mobility problems and decreased activity levels, just to name a few.
  • Loss of muscle is strongly linked to chronic illnesses such as diabetes.4
    People with diabetes mellitus are known to have accelerated muscle loss. If left on its own, it can lead to the loss of physical function and independence.

Strength for Life Awaits You

You close your eyes and picture a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. You have more control over your balance and flexibility than ever before. You’re spending all this quality time with your loved ones, which is something you’ve always strived for. Whether it’s lifting little Jim up to the skies or going on bike rides with him, it’s an amazing feeling.

You have the ability to rewrite the future of your physiology. This doesn’t need to stay a dream.

Did you know that all healthy adults start losing up to 8% of muscle mass every decade after the age of 40?6,7,8,9 The good news is there’s something that can help: HMB. HMB is a natural ingredient in our bodies that keeps your muscles healthy. It does this by cutting down on the loss of muscle and fueling the rebuilding of new muscle. Along with the other essential nutrients, HMB helps you to regain strength faster so you can do the things you love.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy everyday strength. Show your muscles some love by fuelling them with the right exercise and nutrition that they need!

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