Choosing The Right Milk

Choosing The Right Milk


Product Formulation

There are a few suggestions to ease your decision-making process:

Review The Product Label For Nutritional Requirements

If your child is a picky-eater, he or she may not have a well-rounded diet with adequate daily nutritional intake. What makes one milk brand different from the next is the specific amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients in combination with each other1.

Make sure you review the ingredients on the back of the product package in detail. PediaSure® meets or exceeds 100% of the U.S. Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for protein, 25 vitamins, and minerals to support optimal growth2.

Select Age-appropriate Formulas

Albeit the vast choices available in the market, it is important to choose the correct age-bracket for your child’s milk consumption.

Every child has different nutritional requirement as he or she grows up. Make sure you read the labels on the milk formula packaging before making your purchases. Your child needs the right nutrients at the right amounts to support his or her growing years. PediaSure® provides complete and balanced nutrition for children age 1 to 10 years old to sustain physical growth optimally.

Request Samples For Your Child's Taste Preference

You want your toddler to grow up drinking the same formula to achieve consistent results, so make sure your toddler loves the taste and has no trouble drinking it.

Did you know, taste is the number one factor that affects your child’s choice of milk formula? As most milk formula brands come in multiple flavours, it’s important to identify you child’s taste preference by requesting for samples or bringing your child to in-store roadshows to try out product samples.

PediaSure® is available in two tasty flavours: Chocolate and Vanilla. Trying out milk flavours is helpful to ensure your child gets the right nutrients based on his or her taste preference.

Ensure Your Child's Growth With PediaSure®

You finally decided on a brand. Your child loves the taste of the brand you chose, ultimately you see apparent improvement of your child’s physical growth.

Every decision you make impacts your child’s future. Start with choosing the right milk formula. PediaSure®, a scientifically-formulated milk to support your child’s growth and development. With the right nutrition, your child will achieve optimal physical growth in the future.


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