Good Nutrition After Surgery

Good Nutrition After Surgery


What makes a healthy diet? It's not just having three square meals a day - a complete and balanced diet is one that gives you your recommended daily intake of essential nutrients including protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and fat as advocated by the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines.

Everyone knows that good nutrition is important. But did you know that nutrition can be a powerful tool to help patients preparing for or recovering from surgery or illness? Not only does a complete and balanced diet furnish you with all the right nutrients for tissue repair and maintenance, it also strengthens your immune systems to help you fight disease.

Promoting good recovery

Patients who undergo surgical procedures have very special needs. Although most surgical procedures are generally safe, the demands that they place on the body can be considerable. That's why post-surgery nutrition is also crucial to a patient's recovery. Healthful nutrients contribute to the repair and regeneration of tissue and promote good wound healing for a speedy recovery. Having a well-nourished immune system will also help to stave off the risk of infection and other post-surgical complications.

As surgical procedures or serious illnesses can weaken the body, recovery can be hastened by ensuring your body gets all the fuel it needs to be strong and healthy again. However, you may be in pain or suffer a lack of appetite after surgery or an illness, so the effort required to prepare healthy meals may be too demanding on your weakened state or that of your busy family.

To this end, Ensure® provides a ready solution. Ensure® is a complete and balanced nutritional beverage that delivers essential nutrients including protein, carbohydrate, heart-healthy fatty acids as well as necessary vitamins and minerals - everything that you would obtain from healthy, balance meals. Its scientific formulation is designed with the needs of these special patients in mind, and promotes healing by keeping you nourished. Ensure® ready-to-drink form is incredibly convenient. With a safe and easy way to build up your strength again, you'll be ready to return to your daily routine in no time!



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