Otot kuat, Silaturrahim Erat

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Otot kuat, Silaturrahim Erat.

Anda Rasa Anda Kuat?
Jom Semak Umur Otot Anda!

Ingin uji kekuatan otot anda? Ikuti langkah ini!

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Step 1

Choose a suitable chair.
The height of the chair should be approx. 43cm.

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Step 2

Use a timer to time yourself doing the Stand4Strength challenge.
Sit-to-stand on both legs 5 times with arms folded as fast as you can.

For your own safety

  • Be careful not to strain or injure yourself.
  • Stop challenge immediately if your knees start to hurt.
  • Don’t lean back to gain momentum or you may topple backwards.
  • Do the test when you have a friend or family member around to support you.
  • Do not try the test if you have had a recent fall or injury.

Step 3

Enter your details in the muscle age calculator below.

Sit-to-Stand Time (e.g. 7.5 seconds)

Required time in seconds Invalid numbers

Your Result




*Muscle Age is an indication of the strength and performance of the muscles in the lower limbs, and is calculated based on the 5-times sit-to-stand test which matches test time with specific biological age groups.Results are based on Caucasian age norms.

Bohannon R et al. Isokinetics and Exercise Science 15 (2007) 77–8

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