Tools & resources

Tools & resources for every stage of life

Our comprehensive pregnancy & parenting resources are designed to aid mums-to-be in their journey. We also have a well-published nutritional academy to help understand each of the nutrients in detail. Our expert tools are developed to empower users to better manage their daily health requirements.


A week-wise comprehensive update across 3 trimesters as well as useful resource articles to help you know what to expect when you're expecting.


A comprehensive update for year 1 & beyond of your baby's growth milestones combined with key resource articles that aid your journey as a new parent.

Nutritional Academy

Science is at the foundation of everything Abbott does, and our nutrition experts are pioneering research & development to advance nutrition for every stage of life. Here's an easy-to-understand nutritional academy that explains each of the key nutrients commonly found in nutritional products in detail.

Abbott Tools

Our tools empower you to better manage your daily health requirements by recommending you a calories intake requirement, calculating your muscle age as well as helping with bespoke meal & exercise planning.

Child nutrition

Growth Calculator

Ensure your child’s growth is on track! Calculate your child’s growth potential now!

Formula Finder

Find the formula appropriate for your child's needs

Adult nutrition

Calorie Calculator

Find out your recommended calories requirement

Stand 4 Strength Muscle Age Test

Find out your muscle age

Meal & Exercise Planner

Bespoke plans catered to your age, weight, gender & activity levels