About Abbott


Abbott is in the business of life

Learn about Abbott and our commitment to advancing human health. We understand that the first step to living your best life is good health.

Creating life-changing technology

From removing the regular pain of fingersticks as people manage their diabetes to connecting patients to doctors with real-time information monitoring their hearts, from easing chronic pain and movement disorders to testing half the world's blood donations to ensure a healthy supply, our purpose is to make the world a better place by bringing life-changing health technologies to people who need them. That's our commitment to helping you live your best life.

At our healthiest, we can unlock all that life has to offer

We all have our own unique idea of what it means to live fully, but there's one thing we share: we each want to live the best life we can. Join us as we explore what it means to live fully - both as individuals and as communities

Building a healthier thriving society

As an innovative, responsible and sustainable business, we strive to foster economic, environmental and social well-being everywhere in everything we do.

Enhancing health in the Asia-Pacific region

We're dedicated to developing innovative products that address the unique health needs of people throughout the region