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The PediaSure® growth squad brings together experts in nutrition and fitness to help you identify misconceptions which could be holding your kids back from reaching their full growth potential.

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Look out for our Singapore Trust products with a unique label that is available only in Singapore! PediaSure® range of powders is locally manufactured, sold and stored with the highest quality standards. Get quality and freshness assurance in addition to a peace of mind as you purchase genuine PediaSure® products.

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1 Based on Nielsen CNS Equivalent Volume Market share Data MAT May 2021
* For Protein, Vit A, Iron and Vit C for teenagers (13-18 years) compared with children (7-12 years) based on the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for normal healthy persons in Singapore (Children & Adolescents).


SG.2021.18108.PDS.1 (v1.0)