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The all-new Abbott Family Rewards programme has landed – and it’s as easy as SCAN. EARN. REDEEM! Abbott Family Rewards is your way to collect points and rewards all in one place for you and your family’s Abbott needs. The points you earn can be used to redeem full-sized Abbott products^ for the whole family. Simply scan the QR code on your Abbott purchases* to start earning points!

*Currently only available on PediaSure®, Glucerna® Powder (Vanilla (800g, 380g), Wheat (800g) and Chocolate (400g)) and Ensure® Life Powder (Vanilla (850g, 400g), Wheat (850g), Coffee (850g) and Dairy Alternative (800g)). Participating products must have a QR code printed at the bottom of the can.

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* Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Health 2020 edition, per Supplement Nutrition Drinks category definition, retail value sales, RSP, 2019 data

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