Styling your bumps: Pregnancy Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Styling your bumps: Pregnancy Fashion Do's and Don'ts


You’re pregnant- Hooray! Now that the news has sunk in and your belly is starting to grow, a lot of the items in your closet don’t seem to fit anymore. Then comes the question of ‘what should I wear’?

Many mums in this day and age refuse to wear clothes labeled as ‘maternity wear’, because- let’s be honest, there aren’t many choices and some of them can really bring you down. Although there are definitely a few pieces you’ll need to get from the maternity section, many of the clothes that you choose to wear during your pregnancy doesn’t need to be. As long as you keep these do’s and don’ts in mind, you’ll look great and feel confident in whatever you choose to wear!

DO follow the season or current trends. Everyone loves a Pregnant Fashionista!

Prints and bright colours won’t hurt anyone, instead it’ll lift up and brighten your mood. But keep in mind that your outfits should be balanced. Pair a black bottom with a bright top, or a stylish jacket over a plain outfit. Be simple yet stylish.

DON’T wear ill-fitting clothes that are too baggy or extremely oversized.

Being pregnant is a beautiful experience and you should be embracing your bump and new curves. Look for clothes that are looser around the belly but that fits nicely on other parts. Materials such as jersey and knitwear are great examples that offer movement and comfort while also being chic.

DO wear accessories with your outfits.

Accessories are your best friends- because it doesn’t matter which trimester you’re in, they’ll still fit you! A nice belt that sits above your baby bump will give you a good shape. Wear your favourite earrings, necklaces or bracelets- they’ll instantly turn your plain outfit into a stunner.

DON’T wear clothes with horizontal stripes.

It would only make you wider than you already are. Go for vertical stripes if you like stripes and pair it with a plain cardigan or jacket to balance it off.

DO shop the essentials.

Finding tops and dresses that’ll fit pregnant you is pretty easy. But if there’s one thing you should invest in, is a good pair (or two) of maternity jeans or pants. Leggings are also a great option thanks to its stretchiness and you’ll only need to size up when the belly gets uncomfortable.

DON’T try to force yourself into an outfit that doesn’t fit you anymore.

Starting from the 5th month, your belly is only going to get bigger. You’ll find that an outfit you used to wear a month ago won’t fit as nicely as it did. Embrace it and move on to your next outfit. On the bright side, it’ll give you an excuse to shop!

The key here is to stay true to your personal style, but open enough to tweak it -now that you have a baby bump. Just remember these three things: balance, comfort and simplicity-and you won’t go wrong.

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