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5 Ways to Help Boost Your Child’s Learning Potential


Discover effective strategies to enhance your child's learning potential and promote their overall development, setting them up for future success.


Dear mummy and daddy,

Are you looking for ways to support your child's higher IQ development and help them reach their full potential? As a parent, you want the best for your children and evidently, you also have the ability to unlock your child's learning potential and higher IQ with the right guidance, support and right nutrition.

Given that the home environment forms the foundation of a child's education, parents play a vital role in their children's learning and development. Here are some ways you can help your child enhance their learning foundation for higher IQ.


5 ways to help boost your child’s learning foundation to support higher IQ

#1.  Improve thinking speed

Thinking speed is important as the first step to learning. It allows a child to process and analyse information quickly and effectively, which is essential for acquiring new knowledge and skills. Each child is unique and has their own individual capacity for learning, and it's important to keep this in mind. To support your child's growth, it is essential to understand their learning capabilities and what they can achieve. By gaining this knowledge, you can customise your approach to meet your child's learning needs.

By enhancing a child's thinking speed, they can improve their ability to understand complex concepts, solve problems, and learn new skills which are important to help develop a child's learning potential and therefore, higher IQ. 1Regular exercise and mindfulness practices are some of the ways that can help enhance a child's thinking speed.

#2. Introduce them to new learning resources that can broaden their knowledge and skills

Learning should be a fun and enjoyable experience for kids, and it shouldn't be limited to a strict learning environment with limited resources. Children tend to learn and thrive better in an engaging and interactive environment.


Using tools and relevant learning resources can help support your child's learning journey. These resources can come in different forms, such as textbooks, workbooks, videos, and other materials that can aid in their development. It is also an ideal time for parents to introduce multimedia tools and technology such as online courses, educational websites or apps to their children to expose them to different types of media that can benefit them in this digital era.

Parents can play a vital role in supporting their child's learning by introducing new tools that can supplement their learning to stimulate their critical thinking skills and sharpen their spatial visual skills, hand and eye coordination,problem solving skills and etc . Additionally, they can provide guidance and ensure that their child uses the resources effectively. It is essential to choose 2the right learning tools to help your child expand their skills, knowledge effectively and therefore support higher IQ

#3. Encourage kids to prioritise goal setting as a means of self-improvement

3Setting a learning goal at an early stage can create a positive learning environment for your child and also foster their willingness to learn. In addition, goal setting will also help your child to have a clear direction on what they need to achieve.


Without a clear learning goal, your child may struggle to stay motivated and engaged in their learning. However, setting specific goals can help instil motivation and drive for your child to learn, as well as develop crucial life skills such as time management and self-discipline.

As a parent, you can play an effective role in supporting your child's learning by helping them set realistic goals and breaking them down into achievable steps. This approach can help your child develop independence in achieving their goals and take ownership of their learning. You can also offer incentives to your child when they have completed their goal as a reward to boost their happiness.

#4. Encourage your child to read for knowledge

Incorporating reading into a child's learning journey from an early age is crucial as it is a powerful tool that enables us to explore and understand the world around us. It is an essential skill that will be used throughout their lives. Reading helps children to be creative by stimulating their imagination and enhancing their cognitive and emotional development.


Parents can play a significant role in cultivating a love for reading in their children by providing a variety of reading materials. These materials can range from educational books, storybooks, alphabet books, to comic books that cater to their child's interests and age group. By providing such materials, parents can nurture their child's interest in reading and encourage them to develop a passion for it.

Furthermore, reading aloud to children can help to increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills, according to 4Merga (2019). Parents can make reading sessions more interactive and engaging by using different voices and asking their children questions about the story.

#5. Incorporate brain development food in their diet

The right food can help enhance your child’s learning and to support their well-being. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Parents can help support their child's health by introducing nutritional and well-balanced food that supports child’s development and brain growth.

Give your kids the 5best brain foods to support their cognitive function. Include eggs, whole grain foods, leafy greens, oats and beans in your child’s diet. To support your child's learning and development, you can also consider introducing Similac Gold Gain Plus® , an growing up milk  [1] designed to provide  5 key brain nutrients like Gangliosides, 2'-FL + nucleotides, Lutein , DHA and NVE to support healthy growth and development in children and 5G thinking speed. Good nutrition is important to enhance your child's learning potential and promote a stronger immune system.[2]  Good immune function support more learning opportunities


Similac Gold Gain Plus® can provide the right balance of nutrients to support cognitive function, allowing for faster learning to support higher IQ. Additionally, it contains a special blend of 2’-FL, nucleotides, and antioxidants that can provide 76% better body defense6, thus promoting a strong immune system and less infections.

If you're looking for a reliable and nutritious milk formula  to support your child's higher IQ7 with 5 key brain nutrients ,  try Similac Gold Gain Plus ® today!



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