Tummy troubles

Tummy troubles


Kids just love milk, don’t they?

This is a good thing, because milk is scientifically proven to be one of the most complete foods available, containing nearly all the nutrients needed for health, growth and development.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that your child’s tummy may not react well to a particular type of milk. This causes your poor child to experience various uncomfortable and even painful conditions.

Don’t worry if your child is in such a situation. The solution could be as simple as changing to a more appropriate type of milk! Talk to your child’s pediatrician for more information.

Tummy troubles due to milk are a problem faced by mothers everywhere! A recent survey* of 214 pediatricians revealed the most common reasons to switch a child’s milk:

Diarrhea (91%)
Constipation (89%)
Abdominal discomfort (79%)
Vomiting (65%)

There is no one “right” way in parenting. If you feel that isn’t working for your child, don’t be afraid to seek alternatives or change the way you do things.

*IPSOS Healthcare 2012

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