Impact of Junk food on your kid’s diet

Impact of Junk food on your kid’s diet


Junk food contains sugar, salt, oil, carbohydrates, and fat content that is less nutritious and harmful to your child’s health. Though fast food is presumed scrumptious and pleasing to the taste buds, one cannot imagine how negatively it impacts a kid’s lifestyle.

Junk food: health alert

The intake of junk food causes health-related conditions like obesity, gastro problems, diabetes, joint pain, chronic illness, etc. The consumption of unhealthy food every day adds to calories, which coupled with being inactive and obese at a young age can be dangerous for children. Among other things, it lowers the self-esteem of a child. Lack of vitamins, minerals, protein, and calcium can cause nutritional deficiencies, leading to illnesses.

Nowadays, one can witness the unhygienic practices of street vendors while preparing fast food. It’s a common practice to use colouring substances or excess oil that can be hazardous to health. Junk food makes children lethargic, making them unable to engage in physical activities due to a lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Side effects of junk food

  • Obesity means gaining weight in excess. Eating fast food ever every day adds to the problem of obesity and lowers the self-confidence of a child, making it highly stressful. This inturn reduces their academic performance and affects their social relationships.
  • The overdose of fat, sugar, salt, and energy can negatively affect a child’s health, causing constipation and other gastro problems.
  • The taste of fast food can be addictive. The children will skip homemade food due to the urge to eat unhealthy food.

Essential changes to be made to the child’s diet

As parents, you must understand the importance of nutrition in the diet plan. Teach your children to reduce the consumption of junk food from an early age as fast food intake does more harm than good.

Follow these tips to inculcate healthy eating habits in your children: -

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables must be consumed daily. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Try to prepare your child’s favourite snacks healthily.
  • Do not give snacks before meals. It will reduce their appetite.
  • Make your children aware of the adverse effects of junk food on health.
  • Engage your children in physical activities like running, swimming, dancing etc
  • Encourage your children to take up sports and games at school.
  • Reduce your child’s fat, sugar, and salt intake from the diet.

Promote a healthy lifestyle and good eating practices from early childhood for an active and energetic life.


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