Why choose PediaSure?

PediaSure is the No.1 Pediatrician prescribed brand.

Visible Growth in 90 Days

60% bone growth happens by the age of 6. Thus the right nutrition is critical during these foundation years.

 PediaSure® contains Arginine and natural Vitamin K2 to support longer, stronger bones. Arginine stimulates growth plates near the end of the bone, to help them lengthen and grow optimally. Vitamin K2 supports bone health by activating osteocalcin, a protein that helps in calcium absorption leading to strengthening of bones.

2 Serves of PediaSure in child’s diet daily supports visible growth in 90 days.

Helps build Immunity

Poor nutrition weakens the immune system, increases the risk of infection, and affects growth. Children who fall sick often are more likely to have growth shortfall when they grow up. 

That’s why add 2 serves of PediaSure​ in your child’s daily diet which will reduce number of sick days by 64% , so your child can stay protected throughout school year.

Fussy Eating Can Affect Your Child’s Nutrition

Fussy eating can affect growth in kids. Some face consequences like improper growth due to nutrient deficiencies, weak immune system which increases chances of sickness & infection, and impaired cognitive & emotional development with possible long-term health effects.

PediaSure® is a complete balanced nutrition enriched with 37 nutrients that supports growth, especially in kids who eat less, refuse to try new dishes & eat only certain food, eat fewer fruits & vegetables, and prolong mealtimes.


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