Expert Speak

Experts Share Their Insights on Child’s Growth

When it comes to a child’s growth and development, experts know best. Which is why PediaSure brings you insights straight from the experts, to ensure right nutrition, play and sleep through these foundation years for your child to #GrowRight.

Dr. Anuradha HS: The 5 food groups for immunity

Looking to improve your child’s immunity? Dr. Anuradha has answers for you.

Dr. Anuradha HS: Improve attention span in Kids

Does your child get distracted easily? Dr. Anuradha shows us how to improve their attention span.

Dr. PS Narang: Physical activity for bone growth

Dr. PS Narang talks about physical growth of your child.

Dr PS Narang: Good nutrition for child’s growth  

Dr. PS Narang talks about healthy, balanced meals for kids.

Dr Deepak Tirthani - Encourage good food habits in kids

Dr Deepak Tirthani believes children need to Eat Right to #GrowRight. 

Dr Deepak Tirthani: Encourage social interaction in kids

Dr. Deepak Tirthani encourages kids to interact and share with others.

Dr Deepak Tirthani: Good Activity and sleep for kids

Dr. Deepak Tirthani tells us how proper physical activity can improve kids’ sleep and overall development.