How to check if your child is growing right as per their age? 

How to check if your child is growing right as per his/her age? 


Is your child growing the way he/she should? Is your kid racing up the growth charts or is he/she is shorter as compared to peers? Have you been wondering if your child is growing normally as per their age?

What does a child's growth tell us?

A child's growth tells a great deal about his/her health status.Their growth could get affected due to frequent illness and inadequete nutrition. 

How do I know if my kid is meeting all growth parameters/ milestones?

Your kid may be taller or shorter, obese or underweight than other kids of the same age. But differences in height and weight follow a regular pattern. That is why measuring height and weight of a child and plotting on Growth chart is important to check if they are growing as per age. The child's growth ie height if it is in the range of 3rd to 99 centile the child is growing as per age. If the child is below 3rd centile the child is stunted and if they are between 3rd to 15th centile they are at risk of Growth Shortfall.

Here are some things that parents should look out for as their child grows:

Age 2 to 6 years

During 2-6 yrs. maximum growth happens and hence it’s important to measure, monitor and intervene if there is any growth shortfall. Please measure and monitor periodically as per doctor’s advice using  growth chart. 

Recent observations on child's growth has been irrespective of child growing in any part of the world if fed with right nutrition they have similar height and weight growth pattern. Nutrition plays important role in first 6 years of growth along with environmental and physical activity.


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