How to monitor your child’s growth?

How to monitor your child’s growth?


According to a study, early childhood growth demarcates a positive outcome on a child’s health with long-term good health, potential, and positivity. A child grows at an unparalleled speed. As a child grows, the size of their brain develops as they start to absorb information through experience and observation. The most important aspect is the child’s emotional, social, and cognitive development, essential for confidence building, community growth, relationships, capabilities, and future progression.

Early development is marked by a plethora of opportunities but also vulnerability. Poor health, insufficient nutrition, inadequate resources, fragility, etc. negatively impacts the children's physical, social, and mental health.

Key determinants of child’s growth

  • Measurement of height, weight for his/her age. 
  • Nutrition and a balanced diet are essential for normal growth.
  • Green and pollution-free environment, proper housing, and ventilation can affect a child’s growth. 
  • The parenting style and family relationship influence a child’s upbringing.

Growth monitoring

A child’s growth is monitored by measuring height, weight for his/her age etc. As growth is a continuous process, it should be monitored regularly. Consult your pediatrician to understand if your child is growing as per his/her age.

Guide to monitoring their growth

  • Parents understand that getting their children to finish their meals is quite challenging sometimes, especially when it comes to fussy eaters. Special attention must be paid to them to ensure they get proper nutrition and energy daily. Nutrition is the pillar behind adequate growth and development, and tracking their nutritional requirements and intake is essential. It increases healthy levels, immunity, cognitive development, physical and mental growth, energy, memory, and social activities.
  • Children grow at an unprecedented speed during their early childhood. If the child is not increasing in weight/height for his/her age, you must consult your pediatrician.

Share your child’s height & weight details and any changes observed with your doctor for proper consultation. The doctor may suggest adequate nutritional requirements and meal planning as per your child’s dietary needs. To ensure your child’s growth and development, you can add Pediasure to your child’s diet. It is formulated with 37 nutrients, such as Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D, Iron, and Iodine, to support a child’s development. This drink supplement for kids is proven to help increase your child’s growth in 90 days when consumed regularly in the correct quantity. It is the best health drink for a child’s growth.


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