Importance of sleep in the growth and development of a child

Importance of sleep in the growth and development of a child


Sleep disruption is more than just inconvenient and affects the body in more ways than we think. Sleep changes in the early stages of life can cause a difference in brain functioning. Children over two years can face growth issues, attention problems, social relationships and emotional management. 

Why is adequate sleep required?

A child with less sleep can suffer from physical and psychological problems like Growth shortfall, moodiness, depression, anxiety, binge eating, overthinking, etc. A child must get an adequate amount of life for sustainable growth. According to a study, the recommended amount of sleep for children of different age groups is: 

• Children aged between 6 months to 2 years should sleep for at least 12 hours

• Children aged 3 to 4 years must sleep for 11 hours or more 

• Children aged 5 to 7 years are expected to sleep for 10 hours

Neither over-sleeping nor less sleeping is suitable for a child’s health.

Impact of less sleeping on children’s growth

Children who sleep better, grow better because shorter sleep duration is related to the risk of growth faltering, overweight, and obesity in children

It is to be noted that it’s necessary to get not just an adequate amount of sleep, but also quality sleep.

Health benefits of sleep

Sleep directly affects the health of a child. Improved sleeping aids proper growth. So, make sure your child gets the right amount of sleep. Here are some health benefits of appropriate sleeping:

  • Lack of sleep is linked to obesity. Children or adults who do not get sufficient sleep are more likely to become obese since a lack of sleep leads to fat accumulation
  • The right amount of sleep improves release of growth hormones. 
  • Sleeping helps in improved focus and learning. Children will be able to focus more and grasp things quickly

Sleeping tips  

Establishing a healthy sleep routine from an early age goes a long way in the proper growth of the children. Parents can build an effective, healthy sleep pattern by creating exclusive bedtime activities, having pillow talks with kids and eliminating screen usage before bed. Parents will need to be patient and committed to making this routine a habit by following it consistently along with their child. 


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