Make food more fun for your little ones 

Make food more fun for your little ones 


Trying to get children to experiment with new and different foods can be an annoying and frustrating task. If you repeatedly give your kids pasta or cheese with every time, because those are the only foods they will eat willingly, healthy meal plans may become difficult to implement because they may seem flavourless to their palates. That’s why a mixed diet is crucial for child development.   It is essential for their overall development that you introduce them with new ingredients and flavours periodically month on month.

The world of food is eclectic and exciting, and trying new things can be just as enjoyable for parents as it can be for kids. Going on a culinary voyage together can help kids to engage with food and looking outside your regular diet is a great idea – the world is full of recipes waiting to be discovered! 

Remember that presenting new foods isn't just for young kids. As they go into their teenage years, children need more variety and nutrients than ever, and their taste buds will alter. They’ll regularly develop new tastes and their preferences will change over time. No matter your kid's age, it's never too early – or too late – to stimulate them to try new foods and new formats to have the food they are resistant to 

Here are some different ways to make food fun for your kids:

Roll the food

Rolling food makes it more fun. Roll-ups are easy to prepare, and there are infinite combinations of ingredients you can explore. It can start with whole wheat tortillas. Fill one with chicken and vegatables. Or you can also experiment by making kid-friendly rolls with fruits or veggies that can be rolled up and cut into pieces.

Shape the food

Animal shapes add a cute factor that attracts kids. Take out your cookie cutters to turn bread into the best sandwich ever. Stars, animals, flowers, or hearts change apple, pear, pineapple slices, or other fruits into delicious snacks. Challenge kids to find the shapes they like best. 

Layer the dishes

Yogurt Strawberry Chia Parfait awaits! Start with transparent glasses and layer spoons of fruit, granola, and yoghurt (use a light sugar yoghurt and let mashed bananas supply the sweetness). Add additional crunch with almonds or peanuts. Food has never been this fun—and everyone winds up with personalised cups. 

Blend the fruits

The blender is about to become your children's favourite kitchen appliance. In no time, it beats up fresh fruit smoothies they'll love. Just pick their favourite fruit: peaches, bananas, berries, pineapple, even watermelon—and help them blend it with ice, milk, yoghurt, or natural fruit juice. Try different combos until your kids find the perfect one.

Shop for veggies and fruits together.

Visit the veggie market with your children and have them pick up their favourite fruits and veggies. This way, you can know more about your kid's likes and dislikes.

Get them in the kitchen.

There's nothing like mixing and combining ingredients to help kids understand the foods they eat and encourage them to be curious about the elements used. The more invested they are in making the meal, the more likely it is that they will want to eat it! Younger children can help with weighing and blending. They can also help more and more as they grow older.

Try to offer a choice.

Allow your child to choose between different ingredients or a few other forms of the same ingredient. For instance, a raw apple, dried apple, or canned apple. Inspire them to look, touch, smell, and if they want to, they can taste test it as well. Ask them to tell you what they think at each step – talking about food and discussing it is critical. Try different healthy recipes for kids.  

Go raw. Kids often like raw veggies to cooked ones because raw veggies tend to have a crunchy and  brittle texture. Also, choose colourful veggies like spinach and bell peppers because your kids will like their bright colours and they are rich in nutrients as well. Creatively disguise new veggies to get your kid to try them. When orienting your child to new vegetables, do it in a novel way. Try filling them in rolls, club sandwiches, burritos, tacos, and wraps. You can also motivate them to make their own. Another idea is to introduce veggies like spinach, kale, and broccoli in foods your kids love, like pasta 

Be mindful of portion sizes.

A large portion on their plate might put your child off.  You can always use small bowls or egg cups to serve new foods; try including them on the table rather than directly on the plate.

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Help your child discover new and interesting foods by introducing them to different types of food and flavours. Their ingredient and taste will be limited if you don't help them dig through different options.


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