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Disease-specific nutrition

Our specialised medical nutrition products assist those with health conditions, such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease, get the important nutrients they need.

Food for Special Medical Purposes. Use only under medical supervision.

*In children at nutritional risk.
Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Health 2023 edition, per Supplement Nutrition Drinks category definition, retail value sales, RSP, 2022 data.9
Source: Euromonitor International Limited; total global retail sales in 2021 for diabetic diet enhancer drinks that are not marketed as a meal replacement product. Euromonitor and Abbott calculation based in part on Lifestyle Nutrition custom home scan panel database and Health Shopper survey for Abbott’s custom Diabetes Nutrition category for the 52 weeks ending January 2nd, 2022 time period, Total US All Outlet. Copyright © 2022, NielsenIQ Consumer LLC., and Euromonitor Passport Consumer Health 2022.
^Formulated for people with prediabetes and diabetes, as part of a diabetes management plan including diet and exercise.10
#Glucerna has been shown to lower postprandial rises in blood glucose11–13 and reduce glucose fluctuations, when used as a breakfast replacement as part of a lifestyle intervention.14

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