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Everyone knows Cathy Freeman as an athlete but they may not know  that she’s been living with Type 2 Diabetes. Find out about Cathy Freeman’s partnership with Glucerna and her results and experience since using Glucerna.


Benefits of Glucerna

Glucerna is a complete and balanced  nutritional supplement scientifically formulated for individuals with diabetes, pre-diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance1. Glucerna is scientifically designed with 4x Myo-Inositol  to help manage blood glucose levels**9-11 and a slow-release carbohydrate system1. It’s a nutritionally complete and balanced low-GI diabetes supplement with 28 vitamins and minerals and a heart healthy fat blend 1 to support cardiovascular health. 12, 13

Benefits of Glucerna® - Formulated to support people with diabetes, has 28 essentials vitamins & minerals with a low glycaemic blend. hug.jpg

The science behind Glucerna

With more than 60 clinical studies and over 3 decades of scientific evidence,8 Glucerna has been shown to help manage blood glucose levels from day 1 †2-4 and helps improve management in 4 weeks 5.Want to learn more about the science behind how Glucerna can help you manage blood glucose levels?

Science behind Glucerna® - Backed by 30 years of evidence from more than 50 clinical studies.

Tips and resources

When you live with diabetes, keeping your blood glucose levels within the healthy range recommended by your healthcare professional can be challenging. Following the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle can be incredibly useful. We’ve compiled helpful information on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle that can help you manage your blood glucose levels and improve your health.

Tips to maintain blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.

Delicious, nutritious recipes with the benefits of Glucerna

Browse our range of great-tasting recipes to help you in preparing nourishing breakfasts, main meals, snacks and desserts, with the added benefits of Glucerna. You can indulge in some of the foods you love, knowing you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need every day while managing your blood glucose levels.1

Delicious and nutritious recipes to manage blood sugar levels.

Food for Special Medical Purposes. Use only under medical supervision.

*Glucerna is formulated for people with prediabetes, diabetes and gestational diabetes, as part of a diabetes management plan (including diet and exercise).1

Glucerna has been shown to lower postprandial rises in blood glucose2–4 and reduce glucose fluctuations when used as a breakfast replacement as part of a lifestyle intervention.5

As part of lifestyle intervention (including diet and exercise). A weight loss of 4–6% of initial body weight was observed in overweight/obese diabetes patients receiving structured lifestyle intervention with Glucerna.6

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**Compared to Glucerna® S434 per serving.

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