Support your immune system

Support your immune system with good nutrition 

Your immune system is made up of a complex network of tissues and organs, including skin, bone marrow, and components such as white blood cells and lymph.1 It's a remarkable system, but it needs proper support to function at its best. By providing your body with the right nutrients, you can help your immune system stay strong and ready to fight off infection.

Glucerna® provides complete, balanced nutrition to boost your immunity.
Glucerna® provides complete, balanced nutrition to boost your immunity.
Glucerna® provides complete, balanced nutrition to boost your immunity.

Help boost your immunity with Glucerna

Glucerna provides complete, balanced nutrition and contains the following immune-boosting nutrients:2


Antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E help to protect immune cells from oxidative damage.3


A key part of enzymes that are needed to help immune cells function effectively.4

Prebiotic fibre

Help support the growth of gut bacteria, which can in turn support immune function.7


Necessary for wound healing and to help make new cells and enzymes, which is important in the synthesis of new immune cells.5,6

Other health benefits

Food for Special Medical Purposes. Use only under medical supervision.

*Glucerna has been shown to lower postprandial rises in blood glucose9–11 and reduce glucose fluctuations, when used as a breakfast replacement as part of a lifestyle intervention.8

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