Nutrition academy

Understand what you eat

Science is at the foundation of everything Abbott does, and our nutrition experts are pioneering research, education and advancements to nourish bodies at every stage of life. We wanted to make nutrition as easy to understand as possible, so we developed an alphabetical index that explains each nutrient in detail.

The A-Z of nutrients

Browse through our alphabetical index for important information regarding each nutrient. Read on to learn more about the role each nutrient plays in your body and nutrient-rich food options that can help you to enrich your diet.

Brain food

As we age it becomes increasingly important to look after our brain health. Read on to learn more about how your diet can play a critical role in protecting your brain function.

Immune health

The immune system is our body's defence against infection. A strong immune system helps us better recover from and prevent illness. Read on to learn how a balanced and nutritious diet can help strengthen your immunity.

Bone health

Adopting a healthier lifestyle by exercising regularly and and eating a balanced diet can help strengthen our bones and help reduce the risk of falling. Read on to learn how nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus can help keep your bones healthy.

Growth and development

Good nutrition is important for children's health and development. Read on to learn about key nutrients that can support the growth and development of your child from conception, to birth and beyond.

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