Abbott Homecare Connect – HENS

Reliable access to vital nutritional products

The Abbott Homecare Connect Home Enteral Nutrition Service (HENS) program provides a comprehensive solution for those in need of enteral nutrition support. With an emphasis on convenience, reliability, and patient-centred care, our program ensures easy and dependable access to essential nutritional products.

Program benefits:

Dietitian enrolment: Your dietitian is responsible for enrolling you into the program, ensuring easy registration into the HENS program.

Home delivery: Get regular nutritional supplement deliveries direct to your door, scheduled every 4 weeks, or as needed.

Flexible payment options: Choose from one-off online payments, automatic recurring payments, phone payments, or bank transfers.

Convenient reordering process: Contact our Customer Service for hassle-free product reordering or opt for automatic recurring payments for convenience.

Abbott Homecare Connect - Home Enteral Nutrition Service (HENS) Benefits

How it works


Once enrolled by your dietitian you will receive an SMS and/or email with a link to your order.


Review order and make payment.


Arrives in 2 business days (metro) or up to 5 days (regional).*

*If orders are placed before 2 pm.


Simply click the link in the SMS or email you received or call our dedicated Customer Service team.

Need help with your orders?

We have a dedicated Customer Service team to help you fulfil any orders. Contact 1800 077 421 for assistance.

Abbott Homecare Connect - Help for Orders

Food for Special Medical Purposes. Use only under medical supervision.

Abbreviations: HENS: Home Enteral Nutrition Service; SMS: short message service.