Pediasure Plus RTD


PediaSure Plus® Ready-To-Drink


Introducing PediaSure Plus® Ready To Drink, the perfect solution for your child's nutritional needs.

Whether it's a snack or a supplement, this delicious beverage provides complete and balanced nutrition.

Packed with the goodness of Triple Immune Blend and 37 essential growth nutrients, including the richness of PediaSure Chocolate, it not only bolsters your child's immunity but also promotes 1.5x faster growth in just 8 weeks.

Available In: 110 ML

Available flavors:

The only formula with
Natural Vitamin K2 and Added Arginine

Natural Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 activates a calcium binding protein called osteocalcin which helps build strong bones


According to a number of research, the amino acid Arginine stimulates the release of growth hormone, promoting faster growth and development.

For a complete and balanced nutrition on-the-go,
with Triple Sure System.

Triple Protein Complex

PediaSure Plus® provides a unique blend of three different types of protein for sustained delivery of amino acids for muscle development and to help support strong bones.

Growth + Energy Support Nutrients

Has calcium to help build strong bones and dual carbohydrate advantage that helps provide energy and has high energy density with 1kcal/mL

Immunity Support Nutrients

Has high source of Vitamins A, C, D , Zinc and Prebiotics that are essential to support immunity

Storage Conditions

Once opened, either consume immediately or cover and store in a refrigerator, discard any unused product after 24 hours. Unopened product should be stored in cool, dry place.

Directions for Use

Open immediately prior to use.

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