Is your Child Shorter than his Peers?

Is your Child Shorter than his Peers?


Stunting may not be Obvious

Good Height, Good Growth

Did you know that your child’s height is a good indicator of nutrient intake? If your kid is short for his age, it may be due to a combination of factors affecting growth like:
- lack of proper nutrition
- not getting enough sleep

These may hinder your child from reaching his maximum growth potential. If your child is struggling because he’s smaller than his peers, he may have difficulty in keeping up with them when engaging in activities. But don’t worry, you can address this by promoting healthy habits at home. Start by giving your child the right nutrition with three balanced meals a day and PediaSure Plus®, a growth supplement milk.

To maximize your child’s growth potential, he needs a reliable growth supplement milk — not just any regular kids milk. 

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**Based on 2018 consumer survey among Filipino moms with kids 1-6 YO

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