Pediasure Plus 10 plus


PediaSure Plus® 10+


Scientifically formulated to help catch-up growth.

Introducing PediaSure Plus® 10+: a specialized nutrition solution crafted to cater to the unique needs of adolescents aged 10-15. This nutrient-dense formula is meticulously designed to bolster growth, repair, and maintenance, addressing the heightened energy demands of this age group.

PediaSure Plus® 10+ boasts Natural Vitamin K2 and Added Arginine, fortifying bone strength and overall vitality when complemented with balanced meals and physical activity. Ensure your teen's comprehensive well-being with PediaSure Plus® 10+: the trusted choice for holistic teenage nutrition. 

Available In: 900g, 1.8kg

Available flavors:

The only formula with
Natural Vitamin K2 and Added Arginine

Natural Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 activates a calcium binding protein called osteocalcin which helps build strong bones


According to a number of research, the amino acid Arginine stimulates the release of growth hormone, promoting faster growth and development.

Fuel Your Teen's Final Growth Spurt

Balanced Growth

It has Triple Protein Complex for the maintenance of bone and muscle mass, Natural Vitamin K2 and Added Arginine to help strengthen bones.


High Energy Density of 1 kcal/mL


28 Vitamins and Minerals

Preparing PediaSure Plus

Prepare 5 leveled scoops of PediaSure Plus® Powder

Pour 190 ml of room temperature or cold water in a glass

Gradually mix powder in water and consume immediately.

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