Is your Child a Picky Eater?

Is your Child a Picky Eater?


Children with poor nutrition may grow stunted or small for their age

Does your child show these behaviors every meal time?

- Refusing to open his mouth when fed
- Disliking certain food because of the look, smell, or taste
- Having a small appetite despite intake of various types of food
- Crying at the sight of food
- Preferring to play rather than eat

If you’ve observed any of these, you might have a picky eater at home! When your child frequently loses his appetite and eats less, his health may be at risk due to inadequate intake of nutritious food. 

One glass of PediaSure Plus is equal to 1.5 glasses of regular milk

Regular milk is made from cow’s milk that contains proteins, fats, lactose and various vitamins and minerals which are also used as food or nourishment for children. ​

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