Pediasure Plus Chocolate


PediaSure Plus® 3+ Chocolate


Scientifically formulated to help catch-up growth.

Introducing PediaSure Plus® Chocolate flavor, a powerhouse blend designed to fortify your child's immunity and accelerate growth.

Formulated with a Triple Immune Blend and enriched with 37 essential growth nutrients, this chocolate-flavored powder is your ally in nurturing your child's well-being.

Scientifically proven to promote 1.5x faster growth in just 8 weeks compared to no nutritional supplementation, when combined with a balanced diet and exercise regimen.

Available In: 400g, 900g, 1.2kg, 1.8kg, 2.4kg

Available flavors:

The only formula with
Natural Vitamin K2 and Added Arginine

Natural Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 activates a calcium binding protein called osteocalcin which helps build strong bones


According to a number of research, the amino acid Arginine stimulates the release of growth hormone, promoting faster growth and development.

Triple Immune Blend

Triple Protein Complex

Triple Protein Complex is designed to help meet your child's growth and developmental needs. It provides a scientifically balanced blend of all essential amino acids to support growth and development.

Unique Synbiotic Blend

Only PediaSure® Plus has unique symbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotics that helps support gut health, and is associated with fewer sick days. (Huynh et al., 2015)

Key Immunity Nutrients

Clinically proven to reduce the number of sick days and support immunity with it's 10 Key Immunity Nutrients (Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, Zinc, Iron, Selenium and Copper)

PediaSure Plus® is backed by clinical studies showing superior growth and immunity benefits with continued use (vs no nutritional supplementation, with three balanced meals and exercise)

Preparing PediaSure Plus®

Prepare 5 leveled scoops of PediaSure Plus® Powder

Pour 190 ml of room temperature or cold water in a glass

Gradually mix powder in water and consume immediately.

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