Essential tips for improving learning and development

Essential tips for improving learning and development


Access to education and improved learning quality is crucial to develop young mind. This can be ensured through improvement in learning, development of skills, and schooling which helps children become creative and skilful. It is good for a child to  learn critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving from the beginning. 

Frame learning strategies

As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring your child can access quality learning. It is vital for the sustainable development of your children. Support them in setting high goals and making them believe they can perform well in academics and other activities. Start with giving them smaller tasks for productive learning. Make them capable of mastering the task. Give them feedback at the end of every task so they know where they need improvement.

Use these strategies repeatedly to teach them to develop new skills. Assist your children with latest online learning tools for learning purposes. 

Learning tips 

Suggested tips for Parents:

  • Discipline is the most important virtue that every child should possess. Children will give their 100% if they are motivated
  • Make study rewarding. Recognize and reward your child for their efforts 
  • Empower your children. Teach them how learning can help them to achieve their goals 
  • Teach your children to learn new things every day to stimulate their mind. Show your child the joy of learning. 
  • Find fun ways to learn like, clay, toys, picture cards, etc. Make it catchy and educative 
  • Use new learning methods such as brainstorming quizzes and fun projects to encourage your children learn exciting new things
  • Assess the potential of the children to keep a check on where your child is lagging and why. This way, you can improve your child’s learning abilities
  • Help them dream big and maximise their potential with proper education and learning skills

Learning tools 

Learning tools can help foster your child’s learning abilities. Pick up new and exciting toys for educational purposes. For example: 

  • Recordings and books with pictures 
  • Art and craft
  • Objects like dolls, geometrical shapes, etc. 
  • Musical instruments and experimental activities like sand, water, clay, etc. 
  • Construction tools

Involve with your children in playing 

Look for toys or activities that promote children’s learning, thinking, creativity, physical and motor skills, etc. Choose worthwhile and appropriate activities for your children. Parents must be involved in playing with their kids to make it more fun and exciting. This way, their children will be able to think intellectually, understand emotions or feelings, be socially competent, manage relationships, etc. The toys you choose must be exciting, appealing, and capable of developing a child’s mental, social, and physical capabilities. 

In the foundation years of Growth and development using appropriate learning tools and spending time with children will be essential to help in their learning and development. 


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above Blog are the independent views of the blogger / author based on his/her experience on child growth and development. It is not intended to represent Abbott’s viewpoint on the matter or to promote Abbott’s products. Nothing in this content should be construed as Abbott giving medical advice or making a recommendation, endorsement of any kind, nor does it seek to replace medical opinion or independent professional/ clinical judgement. 

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