Diabetes: 6 tips to exercise healthily when you have diabetes

Diabetes: 6 tips to exercise healthily when you have diabetes

Diabetes: 6 tips to exercise healthily when you have diabetes
Diabetes: 6 tips to exercise healthily when you have diabetes
Diabetes: 6 tips to exercise healthily when you have diabetes

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For people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, exercise is an essential part of their treatment plan1. Exercise helps make the body more sensitive to the action of insulin. Keep these six top tips in mind, and you'll soon be embracing an active and healthy lifestyle.

1. Ask your doctor for help

Your doctor and physiotherapist can share more about the precautions you should know before starting any new workout or exercise regime. By explaining how vital regular exercise is to managing your condition, these experts could give you the encouragement you need too!

2. Start a logbook

Talk to your healthcare professional about the best time to check your blood sugar, such as before and after you exercise. During the first three weeks of a new exercise routine, it is also recommended that you monitor blood glucose more frequently than normal.

Be sure to log the blood sugar results to keep yourself motivated. Knowing the real difference that workouts can make will help inspire you to continue your exercise regime.

3. Start small

Embrace exercise in all its forms: Every little bit counts, and exercise can be done anywhere. For instance, you could choose a more distant parking spot or take the stairs. You could also plan a walking or jogging route that you can take regularly. In addition, you could try other daily activities like gardening, washing the car by hand, golfing, and household chores like vacuuming add up to the exercise tally.

4. Make exercise a regular part of your routine

Do it at the same time every day or every other day to turn exercise into part of your daily routine. Put it on your calendar, and you'll be less likely to skip it. Admittedly, keeping up regular activity is hard when you're just starting. It can take about six weeks to adopt a new habit. So if you've fallen out of practice, take this chance to jump-start your routine.

5. Find fitness friends

Join a class to explore a new interest; it’s even more fun when you’ve good company. Find an exercise partner, be it a friend or a family member, as you'll be more likely to stick it together


6. Don’t procrastinate

Today is the “tomorrow” you've been talking about. Just do it! Keep a log of all exercises you have done. Looking back, you'll be pleased with your progress.

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