Quality Control

Quality and Safety at Abbott

At Abbott, quality assurance is our foremost priority. Read about our product control and how to differentiate between fake and authentic Glucerna® products.

Our manufacturing process undergoes a rigorous inspection

At Abbott, quality assurance in manufacturing control is our foremost priority to ensure high quality and safe products are consistently produced.

From the moment we receive the ingredients used to produce our products until the final goods are released from our plant, every step in our manufacturing process undergoes a rigorous inspection by our well-trained QA professionals, with the help of cutting edge equipment. 

Product Traceability

To differentiate between fake and authentic Abbott products, we provide product traceability to our customers. Every Abbott nutritional product that is produced, imported and distributed on the market to consumers has specific information that the consumer can use to verify its authenticity. Tracing the origin of each product can help customers get the following information for their Abbott product: 

  • Factory Details
  • Entry Date
  • Batch Number
  • Manufacturing Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Quality Inspection Process

With this product traceability function, consumers can be certain that the products they’re using are authentic products that come from Abbott’s reputable factories.