How can I help my kid develop healthy eating habits? 

How can I help my kid develop healthy eating habits? 


Modelling healthy eating habits in yourself and teaching the same to your children can be impactful. You can work on your child’s weight and height through healthy eating habits. Eating nutritious food encourages a healthy lifestyle, less sick days and healthy growth.

Approaches to a healthy eating habit.

As parents, you can develop healthy eating practices in your child. It includes: 

  • Remove all junk food products from your home. You need to keep a variety of healthy food items for your children. 
  • Encourage child to drink adequate water required per day to stay hydrated.
  • Involve your children in cooking and preparing the meal. Teach them about the need for a healthy diet and how to prepare them. It will give them a feeling of accomplishment, and they will get to try the meals they prepared themselves. 
  • Encourage your children not to watch television or use a mobile phone while eating. It may lead to distraction and overeating. 
  • Try to prepare some healthy snacks for your children. But do not give it to them during mealtimes. Make healthy snacks accessible to your children. 
  • Do not scold or argue with your child during mealtimes.
  • Reduce the portion size if needed. But keep it balanced. 

Right eating habits and lifestyle is essential to develop healthy routine for your child’s growth and development. 


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