Foods that are rich and essential to building immunity

Foods that are rich and essential to building immunity 


Feeding children healthy food could help in boosting their immune systems.

Immune system: what is it?

The immune system includes cells, tissues, proteins, and organs. Together, they carry out a process to fight against bacteria, germs, or viruses that cause disease or infection. When a body comes into contact with pathogens, the immune system releases antibodies to fight and kill them, thus keeping the body safe from infection.

Children are sensitive and delicate. They’re more likely to catch a cold or can get infected easily. Boosting their immune system can help prevent recurrent infections.

Benefits of a stronger immunity level

Healthy eating habits can serve as an immunity booster for kids. Including nutrient-rich food in the diet may boost a child’s immunity. It helps in making their immunity system more effective against pathogens.

Immunity booster: vitamin A, C, and E

  • Vitamin C plays a detrimental role in immunity increase. It aids the cells in fighting against pathogens. It is required to produce collagen, which helps heal wounds and maintain the blood vessels, muscles, etc. When bacteria enter the body, vitamin C releases immune cells to the infected area, generates an immune response, and kills them. A few examples of food rich in vitamin C are papaya, orange, cauliflower, kiwi, tomatoes, guava, etc. 
  • Vitamins A and E are antioxidants that effectively maintain eye vision, immunity, cell growth.

Mucous membranes trap foreign substances in the gastrointestinal, respiratory tract, etc. They prevent bacteria from entering the body and releasing immune cells. 

Some of the Vitamin A-rich foods are:  

  • Butter and ghee
  • Liver – fish, chicken, meat
  • Carrot and sweet potato
  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, beans, peas, etc. 
  • The sources of Vitamin E are: - 
  • Nuts like walnuts, peanuts, almonds
  • Pulses
  • Green leafy vegetables like peas, beans, spinach, etc. 
  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetable oil like sunflower oil or soya bean oil, etc.

Role of zinc and iron in the immune system

Iron is vital in sustaining the function of the immune system. It is a micronutrient that’s essential for all living cells. 

Iron-rich foods are: lentils, spinach, tofu, broccoli, egg, beef, chickpea, liver or chicken or meat, etc. 

Zinc helps improve immunity by reducing oxidative stress and has an impactful effect on viruses. 

Zinc-rich foods are: legumes, eggs, oysters, cashews, curd, meat, whole grain, dairy products, oats, etc. 

Thus, Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, and Iron are essential to build and strengthen the immune system, hence acting as immunity booster food for kids. In addition, you can also give your kids PediaSure, which contains nutrients that help support immunity. 


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