Foods that are rich and essential for bone growth

Foods that are rich and essential for bone growth


When a child grows up, both external and internal parts of the body change, that is, their size, weight, and other characteristics. Bones help us walk, sit, move upright, and protect the delicate organs of the body. Bones start to shrink as age grows. It can lead to specific health conditions, like the inability to walk correctly, joint pain, etc. Fragile and delicate bones may break sooner. Therefore, taking care of the bones from the start is necessary to maintain health.

A balanced diet and exercise is important for your child’s growth. Your children need an appropriate amount of calcium for stronger bones and vitamin D to absorb calcium in the body. Along with proteins and energy, vitamins and minerals are also needed for bone growth.

Calcium-rich food

Dairy products are an excellent source of building bones. It makes the bones more robust and functional. It is enormously loaded with calcium which provides strength to bones. Consumption of calcium-rich foods will optimise the process of absorption.

For example, green leafy vegetables like spinach and beans, dairy products like milk, tofu, cottage cheese, soy chunks, nuts like almonds, peanuts, etc.

Children 3-6 years must consume around 500 milligrams (depending on their age) of calcium daily.

Vitamin D

Sunshine is an excellent source of vitamin D, but it is also believed that too much exposure to the sun causes cancer. But you can expose your face to the sun a few times a day. We have shortlisted some of the rich nutrient vitamin D food products that will help strengthen and reshape your bones. It also helps in your child’s growth and development.

Children must be accustomed to eating vitamin D-rich food to avoid deficiency in the future. Avoid such food which your child is allergic to.

Examples include salmon or tuna fish, fatty fish, orange juice, egg yolks, etc.

Also, vitamin D supplements and multivitamin tablets are readily available in the pharmacy.

Arginine-rich food

Arginine is referred to as the building block of protein. Arginine-rich food helps support bone growth.

Food rich in arginine are –

  • Nuts like peanuts, walnuts, or almonds
  • Meat products like chicken and meat
  • Legumes include chickpeas, soya beans, and raw peanuts

Children must take a portion of arginine to support their growth.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K1 is more common than vitamin K2. However, it is less evident in modern times. Vitamin K2 helps support strong bones. It aids in the deposition of calcium in bones. Generally, it is found in fermented foods A few examples of vitamin K2-rich food are egg yolk, liver, and fermented foods.

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