Live your way

We encourage you all to Live Your Way!

We love to hear stories from everyday Australians who are defying their age, pushing boundaries and taking on new challenges.

They say 'Now's the time to cut back on work'
I say 'I'm only getting started'

Nikki and Grant are Life Changers and true inspirations. They've shown us what it takes to take a leap of faith, embrace career changes as you age, and forge your own way.

Never stop doing what you love doing, no matter what 'they' say!

They say 'I can't keep going at this tempo'
I say 'Let's go a little faster'

We believe in staying true to yourself, without letting age define who you are. Elisabeth embodies this attitude, which is why her story has inspired us. She believes in the power of positive thinking and uses dance to display her joy for life.

Defy your age to live your best life!

They say 'It’s time to turn down the heat'
I say 'Let's spice things up a little'

Abdi brings spice, love and connection to the Melbourne community. His passion for cooking and his zest for life are inspirational. From humble beginnings, he has forged a culturally rich and successful life.

Hard work isn't hard when you love what you do!

They say 'Time to move to calmer waters'
I say 'Where’s the challenge in that?!'

At 72 Russ McConachy has no intention of ever playing it safe! His passion for big wave surfing still drives him to stay supremely fit and healthy.

Find out what gives him the confidence to take on the world’s biggest waves.

Behind the scenes

Real-life testimonials. See how Ensure can help you maintain your strength and energy levels to continue living a healthy lifestyle.


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