Inositol - Another nutrient key to support diabetes management 

Inositol - Another nutrient key to support diabetes management 

Inositol - Another nutrient key to support diabetes management
Inositol - Another nutrient key to support diabetes management
Inositol - Another nutrient key to support diabetes management

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What is Inositol?

Inositol – needs to read ‘ another nutrient key to supporting diabetes management’. Some consider inositol as a vitamin that belongs to the family of B-vitamins. 

Made in the liver and kidney, up to 4 g of inositol is available each day for various roles in the body. Ninety-nine percent of inositol in the body is in the form of myo-inositol (MI)1

Intake of myo-inositol through diet is estimated to be up to 1 g per day2. Dietary sources rich in myo-inositol include fruit, beans, grains, and nuts. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain more myo-inositol than frozen or canned products3

Find out how much myo-inositol is in the common food we consume3!

Common Food Item  Serving size  Myo-inositol content per serve (mg) 
Fresh Vegetables & Fruits 
Green beans  ½ Cup (100 g)  105 
Eggplant  ½ Cup (100 g)  84 
Cabbage  ½ Cup (100 g)  70 
Tomato  ½ Cup (100 g)  54 
Spinach  ½ Cup (100 g) 
Orange  1 (100 g)  307 
Grapefruit  ½ (100 g)  199 
Kiwi  ½ Cup (100 g)  136 
Watermelon  1 Cup (100 g)  62 
Honeydew  1/8 (100 g)  46 
Apple (Rome)  1 Medium (80 g)  12 
Plain yogurt  1 Cup (240 g)  14.4 
Chocolate milk (low fat)  1 Cup (240 g)  45.6 
Cheddar cheese  1 Oz (30 g)  2.7 
Bran flakes  ½ Cup (20 g)  54.8 
Cooked oatmeal (instant)  ½ Cup (100 g)  34 
Mix whole grain bread  1 Slice (25 g)  11.8 
Almonds  8 piece (15 g)  41.7 
Peanuts  12 piece (15 g)  20 
Cashew  5 piece (15 g)  12.2 

Benefits of inositol

Scientific studies to date have shown that inositol can mimic the actions of insulin activity and may increase insulin sensitivity. Inositol has been shown to lower fasting blood glucose and HbA1c. Inositol has been used as a supplement in treating Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), metabolic syndrome, and gestational diabetes (GDM).4

How can inositol help those with type 2 diabetes?

In a recent study on people with poorly controlled diabetes, inositol supplementation was associated with lower fasting blood glucose and average blood glucose over 2-3 months.*

* Results based on a study that evaluated the effectiveness and safety of myo-inositol (550 mg), D-chiro-inositol (13.8 mg) and folic acid (400 mcg). 

Consult your healthcare professionals on how inositol supplementation may support your diabetes management plan!

1 Owczarczyk-Saczonek A, Lahuta LB, Ligor M, Placek W, Górecki RJ, Buszewski B. The Healing-Promoting Properties of Selected Cyclitols-A Review. Nutrients. 2018;10(12):1891.

2 Corrado, F., D’Anna, R., Di Vieste, G., Giordano, D., Pintaudi, B., Santamaria, A. and Di Benedetto, A. (2011), The effect of myoinositol supplementation on insulin resistance in patients with gestational diabetes. Diabetic Medicine, 28: 972-975. doi:10.1111/j.1464-5491.2011.03284 

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4 Pintaudi B, Di Vieste G, Bonomo M. The Effectiveness of Myo-Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol Treatment in Type 2 Diabetes. Int J Endocrinol. 2016;2016:9132052. 

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