How To Prevent Muscle Loss – Preserve Your Strength Now!

How To Prevent Muscle Loss – Preserve Your Strength Now!


How to prevent muscle loss and continue to do the things you love after retirement.

How to prevent muscle loss so that you can continue playing with your grandchildren at the park, travelling the world and even climbing stairs.

Preserving and building muscle strength is one of the most important things to prepare for retirement. Muscle loss can be slowed down by an active lifestyle and consuming a well-balanced, nutrient-packed diet.

Prevent Muscle Loss As You Age

Older adults need a higher intake of good quality protein to help maintain physical function and reduce muscle loss. Many nutrients such as iron, calcium and magnesium as well as Vitamin D are necessary to maintain normal muscle function.

However, as we get older many eat less, do not consume enough protein and are unable to synthesize Vitamin D as well as before. Vitamin D and some minerals are also found in limited number of foods, making it tough to get enough of these nutrients through a regular diet.

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Muscle loss is a real deal

After 40, adults naturally lose about 8% of muscle every decade. At 70, the rate of muscle loss increases to about 15%. This means up to 24% of your muscles could be lost by 70 years old. 1

Strong muscles are needed to maintain quality of life and the ability to recover from illnesses.

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Nutrition is key!

Adequate protein is needed to build and repair muscles. For healthy ageing, the Health Promotion Board recommends 3 servings of protein-rich food, such as fish, poultry, eggs, milk, tofu or beans, every day. Choose oral nutrition supplements that provide a good source of quality protein.

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Feeling Less Hungry Every Year?

Adults eat around 25% less food between 40 and 70 years old.2 Protein intake decreases too. Oral nutrition supplements can boost overall nutrient intake.

Take Action to Preserve Your Muscle Strength!

Simple strategies for adults 40 years old and older.

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Targeted nutrition

Increase daily intake or protein & vitamin D; include oral nutritional supplements as needed. World Health Organization recommends a complete, balanced Oral Nutrition Supplement (ONS) to improve muscle mass and strength which supports mobility and vitality.3

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Resistance exercise improves muscle function.4

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Talk to your doctor

Discuss ways to maintain muscle strength.

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Did you know that our muscle mass and strength peaks at age 401 before declining at accelerated rate? One can lose up to 8% muscle mass per decade2. Additionally, muscle strength loss occurs 2 times faster than muscle mass loss every year3.

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