Highly Selective

Highly Selective


Some feeding guidelines to make sure your child’s growth will be on track: 

1. Eat “new food” in your child’s presence without offering any.

  • Casually mention that the food tastes good to capture his interest so that your child will ask for a bite.
  • Offer small portions only.
  • Do not praise or scold regardless of your child’s response.

2. Never force-feed your child, and never use food to reward or express affection.

3. Avoid distractions, such as TV or gadgets, during mealtimes.

4. Choose healthy food.

  • Provide unprocessed food like fruits, vegetables, fortified cereals, or grains, nuts or seeds, meat, poultry, fish or legumes, and dairy products.

5. Create the “Family Table”.

  • Sit together as a family as often as possible during mealtimes.
  • Limit meals to 20-30 minutes unless your child is still actively eating.

6. Introduce new food through food chaining.

  • Start with a food your child enjoys. Find food with similar characteristics (taste, texture, smell, color) and introduce gradually in a non-challenging way.

7. Allay your fears by supplementing your child’s nutrition with PediaSure Plus.

  • PediaSure Plus is the only complete, balanced nutritional supplement with Triple Protein Complex to deliver visible growth and stronger immunity.

What to do if your child is a picky eater

Click on the feeding behavior that best applies to your child for some feeding guidelines to make sure your child’s growth will be on track!

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