Fundamentally Vigorous

Fundamentally Vigorous


Some feeding guidelines to make sure your child’s growth will be on track: 

1. Manage mealtimes.

  • Set regular mealtimes (3 to 4 hours apart).
  • Limit the duration of meal to 30 minutes.

2. Build meals around nutrient-rich “anchor food” like soy or dairy products, fortified cereals, meat or legumes, and brightly colored vegetables and fruits.

3. Do not beg, distract, or coerce your child into eating.

4. Encourage self-feeding.

5. Give your child bite-sized portions that are easy to chew and melts in the mouth quickly.

6. Create the “Family Table”.

  • Sit together as a family as often as possible during mealtimes.

7. Allay your fears by supplementing your child’s nutrition with PediaSure Plus.

  • PediaSure Plus is the only complete, balanced nutritional supplement with Triple Protein Complex to deliver visible growth and stronger immunity.

What to do if your child is a picky eater

Click on the feeding behavior that best applies to your child for some feeding guidelines to make sure your child’s growth will be on track!

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