Filling in the Nutritional Gaps in Teens

Filling in the Nutritional Gaps in Teens


Helping Support your Teen’s Nutrition

Stunting in Filipino Adolescents 

Did you know that in the Philippines, 26.8% of adolescents are stunted? More than half have protein inadequacy and more than 75% have micronutrient inadequacy*. 

Adolescence is the time when the final major growth spurt occurs. Approximately 15-20% of adult height and 45% of adult bone mass are achieved during adolescence^. 

During this period, they experience a period of rapid growth, where up to 2x key nutrients are required, compared to before puberty. 

Scientifically designed to Support Growth


*FNRI Individual Food Consumption Survey 2019.

^ Campisi, S, et al. Innocenti Working Papers no. 2018-12, UNICEF Office of Research.

~Regular milk is made from cow’s milk that contains proteins, fats, lactose and various vitamins and minerals which are also used as food or nourishment for children. ​

**de Onis M. Child Growth and Development. In: de Pee S, Taren D, Bloem MW, eds. Nutrition and Health in a Developing World. Cham: Springer International Publishing; 2017:119-141.


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