The Role of Medication 

The Role of Medication

The Role of Medication
The Role of Medication
The Role of Medication

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For type 2 diabetes, diet and exercise may sometimes not be enough to control your blood sugar. Bringing your blood glucose levels near the target range may require medication such as insulin injections or oral pills.

Oral medication aims to control blood sugar level and maintain it at a target level. Although some medications may not work for everyone, most people find their blood sugar decreases while taking pills. Taking one type of pill or a combination of pills may vary depending on your current situation. However, diabetes medications are not safe to take for women who intend to get pregnant. It is always best to consult with your doctor to determine which treatment will work for you.

Is there a risk in interaction?

Diabetes medicines work well and are safe when used with care. It is likely to interact with other medicines, so your doctor would need to know the other medications you are taking or planning to take. Read on to learn more about the oral medications your doctor might prescribe you. Discuss with your doctor what might work and not work for you. 

Here are a few diabetes oral medications:

Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors such as acarbose
This helps break down the starches and sugar in your body, which slows down the absorption of glucose and lowers your blood sugar level.

Biguanides such as metformin
Biguanides decrease how much glucose your liver produces and sugar absorption, and improve your body's insulin sensitivity.

Meglitinides such as nateglinide
Meglitinides lower your blood glucose, helping your body to release more insulin. 

Stimulates the pancreas to release more insulin.

Thiazolidinediones help improve the use of insulin in your body and decrease the release of glucose coming from your liver.

Sodium-glucose transporter (SGLT) 2 inhibitors
Restrains glucose from being reabsorbed by the kidneys and instead gets rid of it through urine.

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