Diabetes: Nutrition and Your Foot Health

Diabetes: Nutrition and Your Foot Health 

Diabetes: Nutrition and Your Foot Health
Diabetes: Nutrition and Your Foot Health
Diabetes: Nutrition and Your Foot Health

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How does diabetes affect our feet?

High blood sugar can eventually damage our nerves and restrict blood flow. This condition is called diabetic neuropathy.

When this happens in your feet, you'll feel a tingling sensation and pain, which will sometimes make you lose feeling in your feet.**. You might not feel sores, cuts, or blisters on your feet, which may become infected and lead to a diabetic foot ulcer. 

Nutrition as part of wound healing

Elevated blood glucose can interfere with wound healing.  It is vital to control your blood sugar to avoid prolonged open wounds or further infection on your feet.**  Proper nutrition can help maintain a healthy body weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and, most importantly, lower blood sugar levels.

The following are some nutritional tips to help in wound healing:

  • Choose wholegrain bread and cereals that add fiber, vitamins, and minerals instead of refined grains.*

  • Choose a balanced carbohydrate and calorie meal as these provide the energy needed in wound healing. 

  • Protein is essential for collagen production, which helps repair and build muscle and skin tissues.

  • Exercise. Shedding off extra weight can help with glucose control. 

  • Consult and follow your doctor's nutritional recommendations.

* Nutrition can aid in healing diabetic foot ulcers (healio.com)

** Diabetes and Foot Problems | NIDDK (nih.gov)

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How can Glucerna® support your
diabetes management plan?

Glucerna® Vanilla Flavor

Glucerna® is the number 1 selling diabetes nutritional supplement in the Philippines*. It contains 35 nutrients, slow-release carbohydrates and 4x more inositol vs previous formulation, that delivers a dual action for tight blood sugar control.

* NielsenIQ Retail Index, Dietetics-Adult Segment-Diabetes Subsegment, July 2020 – June 2021