The Difference Glucerna® Makes

Superior ingredients for effective diabetes management

Our high-quality formula has carefully chosen ingredients to help manage glucose levels effectively.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition

Offers complete, balanced nutrition for people with diabetes 

Slow-release carb system

Provides steady energy to help manage blood sugar response

4x myo-inositol*

Inositol plays a role in helping the body manage blood sugar

*vs previous formulation

Different ways to enjoy Glucerna®

Frequently asked questions

Why Glucerna® nutritional drinks?

  • Glucerna® is complete, balanced nutrition designed for people with diabetes and can be used to replace or complement a meal or as a snack.

  • Glucerna® has a slowly digestible carbohydrate and a low glycemic index, which results in a lower blood sugar response.*

  • Glucerna® is high in protein and fiber and provides 35 nutrients.

  • Glucerna® is the most doctor-recommended and the number 1 selling diabetes nutrition product in the Philippines.**

* Compared to a standard nutritional drink.

** NielsenIQ Retail Index, Dietetics-Adult Segment-Diabetes Subsegment, July 2020 – June 2021

Can Glucerna®  products be used by people without diabetes?

It is safe for someone without diabetes to consume Glucerna®. However, Abbott Nutrition has many other options, such as Ensure®, for people without diabetes to integrate into their meal plans. Glucerna® nutritional drinks are specially designed for people with diabetes. Glucerna® products are intended to be used under medical supervision to support the dietary management of diabetes.

How many servings of Glucerna® can I have in a day or week?

Glucerna® products can be used daily. Individual needs depend on many factors, such as age, gender, level of activity, and health status. Consult a health care professional to discuss the amount of Glucerna® that is right for you.

Can Glucerna® products be used by people with prediabetes?

People with prediabetes need a high-fiber diet while limiting saturated fats. Glucerna® is high in fiber and low in saturated fats, so that it can be used by people with prediabetes.

Can Glucerna® products be used as part of a person's current diabetes meal plan?

Glucerna® products can be incorporated into a person’s diabetes meal plan and overall management plan.

Do Glucerna® products contain gluten?

Our Glucerna® nutritional drinks are gluten-free and are therefore suitable for a gluten-free diet. 

Do Glucerna® products contain lactose?

All of our Glucerna® products contain a maximum of 24 mg of lactose per serving. Compared to a glass of milk, which has 10,000 mg to 12,000 mg of lactose per serving, the amount of lactose in Glucerna® is very low. Therefore, Glucerna® is suitable for people with lactose intolerance. 

Are Glucerna® products good choices for low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)?

For people with or without diabetes, Glucerna® products should not be used to treat hypoglycemia, insulin shock, or insulin reaction because the carbohydrates in Glucerna® are not absorbed quickly enough to restore blood glucose to a normal level fast enough. Talk to your healthcare professional about appropriate treatment options for low blood glucose episodes.