The science behind PediaSure

Helps improve nutrition in 4 weeks2

Just 2 daily serves of PediaSure has been clinically shown to help children at nutritional risk reach 90–100% of their recommended intake of protein and key vitamins and minerals in just 4 weeks.*2

Chart - Improvement in nutritional adequacy in 4 weeks.

PediaSure 850 g powder has been clinically shown to support immunity.3

PediaSure contains prebiotic fibre and a probiotic to support your child’s immune system and has been clinically shown to reduce the number of sick days experienced by children by 60%.†3

Chart - PediaSure® 850 g powder is clinically proven to support immunity.

Appetite support

PediaSure has been clinically shown to help increase kids’ appetites in just 4 weeks.*3

PediaSure contains all 28 essential vitamins and minerals including:


iron, an essential micronutrient that helps to decrease leptin, a hormone that suppresses hunger and can make kids feel ‘full’.4


zinc, another essential micronutrient, helps to change the tastebuds, making food more appealing.5


vitamins A, B, choline and magnesium that have been shown to support a healthy appetite.5

Chart - Improvement in appetite in 4 weeks.

PediaSure is a Food for Special Medical Purposes. Use only under medical supervision.

*Based on a 48-week clinical study in children at nutritional risk, when given in conjunction with dietary counselling.

Clinically shown at 16 weeks compared to baseline in children at nutritional risk receiving PediaSure and nutritional counselling.3

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