A Good Growing-Up Milk Contains No Palm Oil

A Good Growing-Up Milk Contains No Palm Oil


Are all milk powders really the same? What savvy parents need to know about fat blends in milk powders.

Did you know that a good growing-up milk should contain ZERO palm oil? Palm olein is an ingredient that provides palmitic acid and is used as a fat source in some milk formulas.

Studies have shown that formula containing NO palm olein in the fat blend help support more efficient absorption of DHA, softer stools, and increased calcium absorption and bone mineralisation.

Palm oil is the lowest-cost oil used in milk formulas.

6.5x lower DHA excretion with formula containing NO palm Olein.

Not all milk formulas used palm Olein. New study shows more efficient DHA absorption in formula without palm olein.

Studies Show That Formulas Without Palm Olein Better Support Bone Development Than Formulas Containing Palm Olein

Toddlers receiving formula without palm olein have significant increases in:

  • Calcium absorption
  • Bone mineral content
  • Bone mineral density

Key Takeaway: A Good Growing-Up Milk Contains No Palm Oil

Clinical Studies Show That Formulas Containing NO PALM OLEIN…

Increase DHA absorption.

Increase calcium absorption & bone mineralisation

Choose a growing-up milk that does not contain palm olein.


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