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Ensure High Protein

Ensure High Protein
Short Description

For active individuals, Ensure High Protein is a high-protein supplement with L-carnitine that supports strength and energy metabolism. It gives you the energy to continue doing the activities you enjoy as it is a perfect blend of 31 essential nutrients, including protein, calcium, and vitamin D. 1

Available in 200g and 400g

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High Protein Nutrition:

​Ensure High Protein is scientifically formulated for active adults. 2 servings a day which contains 30% of protein takes care of half of your day’s protein requirement to help you build stronger muscles. 1

Power Of L-Carnitine:

Helps young adults lead an active life. Designed to support an active lifestyle, Ensure High Protein powder comes with essential nutrients like high protein, vitamin D, Calcium & Iron to support energy immunity, and bone and muscle health. 1​​

Low Fat & Lower Sucrose:

Ensure High Protein is a convenient nutrition product designed to provide 100% RDA of vitamins A, E, C, B2, B12, Biotin & Folate with every sip to support nutrition. 1,2

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How To Prepare1


Prepare water or milk.
Milk – 150 ml
Water – 190 ml  


Add 2 scoops in milk
and 4 scoops with water


Mix and Enjoy

Nutritional Information

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Nutrition Facts (per 100g)
Energy –                364kcal Vitamin K                55.0mcg Chloride.                 600mg
Protein                   30.0g Vitamin C                40.0mg Calcium                   600mg
Carnitine                500mg Folic acid                 118 mcg Phosphorus.            450mg
Fat -                         0.40g Vitamin B1               1.40mg Magnesium.            85.0mg
Cholesterol -          <20mg Vitamin B2.             1.60mg Iron.                         13.60mg
Carbohydrate         60.00g Vitamin B6.             1.90mg Zinc                          6.00mg
Total sugars            32.00g Vitamin B12             1.00mcg Manganese             0.60mg
Added sugars          4.50g Niacin                       14.00mg Copper.                   425mcg
Added sucrose        4.50g Pantothenic acid.   5.00mg Iodine                      22.5mcg
Vitamins*** Biotin                       22.5 mcg Selenium                 6.0mcg
Vitamin A                523 mcg RE Minerals** Chromium              37.5mcg
Vitamin D2             10.00 mcg Sodium                    314 mg Molybdenum          6.8mcg
Vitamin E                7.5 mg TE Potassium                939mg  

1. Data on file, CCD 16-APR-21, Ensure High Protein Pack label 2022​
2. Lower Sucrose* – *As compared to Ensure​

Disclaimer: Please consult your HCP for further advise, as these are indicative servings and might require modifications, based on your nutritional requirements and health status​

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