5 Ways Nutrition Can Revive Your Health

5 Ways Nutrition Can
Revive Your Health


Nutrition has lasting benefits that go beyond the scale and plays a vital role in one’s commitment to health1. Here, Abbott experts give you five effective ways to get back on the path to success by putting your nutrition plan first.1

Helps Lose Weight​

According to a study, healthy diet leads to more weight loss than exercise, as well as more loss of fat mass over muscle mass. A great first step to creating a healthier you, is to find ways to maintain a healthy, balanced diet with the right nutrients.1​

Helps Manage Stress​

Nutrients from healthy foods can help improve blood flow which, in turn, combats the effects of stress. And, a healthy diet has a ‘cascading effect’ on the brain because the improved blood flow helps deliver key nutrients to the brain.​

Water and your waistline​

The human body is roughly 60 percent water and keeping it well hydrated helps it function properly. But did you know that simply drinking water before a meal can trim your waistline? According to a study, water “preloading” before meals led to moderate weight loss.​


Change your plate as you age​

As we age, we need to tailor our food choices. This means eating more nutrient-dense foods, says a registered dietician for Abbott, which include colourful fruits and vegetables, fat-free milk and cheese, whole grains, seafood, lean meats, poultry, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds.1,2​

Nourish a Healthy Body for the Future​

Healthy choices made at mealtimes can make an impact on your health in more ways than one, as your diet also contributes to your reproductive health.1,3


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