Triple Protection for Your Child's Total Health

Triple Protection for Your Child’s Total Health



Are you sure about your child’s milk? Time to triple-check!


Searching for a milk powder that can support your child's health? Always triple-check to see if their milk offers triple protection! Similac TummiCare HW 3+ has Triple Comfort Blend that’s specially designed for children aged 3 and up.  It contains a unique blend of nutrients that provide your child with triple benefits:

1. Helps Reduce Allergy Risk(1) - Similac TummiCare HW 3+ has partially hydrolyzed whey protein that helps reduce the risk of developing allergies later in life, especially for children that are high-risk.

2. Helps Ease Tummy Troubles(2) – With prebiotics such as 2'-FL HMO to support the growth of good bacteria, as well as pre-digested whey protein. It also has a low lactose content to help reduce gut sensitivity.

3. Helps Boost Immunity(3) - High source of Vitamins A, B12, C, and D and is a source of Iron, Selenium, and Zinc which contribute to the normal functioning of your child's immune system.                                          

Make sure you give your child triple protection with Similac Tummicare HW 3+.  Every glass you give shows that you triple care for them.

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