The Wonders of Gangliosides

The Wonders of gangliosides



Discover the wonders of gangliosides in Similac GainSchool

Have you ever heard of Gangliosides? Maybe it’s your first time to hear about them, but these are molecules that play an important role in faster learning. To be more specific, Gangliosides can be found at the synapses of the brain cells. They help link, interact and transmit signals between nerve cells and creates a protective layer around neuron cells that help in speeding up brain connections.

So what do Gangliosides actually do? Research shows that higher Ganglioside intake levels are positively associated with better brain development and IQ score outcomes in children. This means that when you give your child more Gangliosides, their brain connections would speed up making them learn faster! (1) And when kids learn fast, they can spend more time honing their problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and creativity.

A simple way to make sure that your child gets this powerful nutrient is by giving her Similac GainSchool. Formulated to support the cognitive development of young children, the PRODI-G™ Nutrition System of Similac GainSchool contains Added Gangliosides for higher Performance IQ (vs standard formula without added gangliosides and with balanced nutrition)(2)  and the Power of Three Ingredients (DHA, Lutein and Natural Vitamin E).

Similac GainSchool help give parents the assurance that their kids' cognitive skills will continue to develop. So if you're a parent yourself, make sure your children get the nutrients they need to help support their growing minds and bodies. Give them Similac GainSchool with PRODI-G™ Nutrition System.

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